XL650V Transalp(トランザルプ)が販売されていた頃に、海外のHONDAのWebサイトで公開されていたオプションカタログ(最終2007年版)です。メインスタンドを除けば、ウィンドウスクリーンやハードケース用ステーはアフターパーツメーカーの製品がバイク用品ショップで手に入りますし、それを除けば汎用品ばかりなので、あえて海外からオプション品を輸入購入する必要はありません。こちらの文章は英語なのでわかりやすいです。

The credentials of the XL650V Transalp as a highly talented, out-of-the-ordinary explorer are undisputed and has proven its worth on and off road with true dependability and confidence. Either solo or with a passenger, the ultra-versatile and capable Transalp is a stylish trail-blazer with the same go-anywhere-do-anything attitude as the people who love to ride it. Mean and sporty in design, is guaranteed to stop onlookers in their tracks with its bold and exciting attitude which you can adapt to your own personality and requirements by choosing from the broad range of optional Genuine Honda Accessories.


Top box (45L – MCW) (08L55 MCW 8K0 Pearl Breezy Blue (PB-341P)、08L55 MCW 850A Spangle Silver Metallic (NH-A49M)、08L55 MCW 860 Carnelian Red Metallic (R-296M)、08L55 MCW 810 Black (NH-1))

・45L of carrying capacity
・easily detachable
・Top box carrier, pillion backrest and Top box mat included
・Top box lid produced in matching colour
・must be combined with Top box carrier installation kit 08Z51 MCB 800

Top box (45L -MY5)(08L55 MY5 800)

・45L of carrying capacity
・easily detachable
・can store 2 full face helmets and more
・must be combined with Top box carrier 08L42 MY5 C00 and top box carrier installation kit 08Z51 MCB 800

Top box (45L) inner bag(08L56 MY5 800)

・expandable from 21 to 33L
・front pocket can contain an A4 size file
・adjustable shoulder belt and carrying handle
・fits in both MY5 & MCW Top box
・black nylon
・silver Honda Wing logo on front pocket

Top box (45L) inner bag deluxe(08L56 MCW A00)

・expandable from 21 to 33L
・front pocket can contain an A4 size file
・adjustable shoulder belt and carrying handle
・fits in both MY5 & MCW Top box
・light grey Nylon
・black zippers
・black embroidered Honda Wing logo on front pocket

Touring windscreen(08R80 MCB 801)

・140mm higher than standard
・manufactured from Markrolon
・WVTA cleared (Whole Vehicle Type Approval – complies with appropriate European environmental and safety standards)

Top box colour panel set (MY5) (08F86 MY5 810 Black (NH-1)、08F86 EWL 810 Carnelian Red Metallic (R-296M)、08F86 MER 8P0A Spangle Silver Metallic (NH-A49M)、08F86 MBT 8R0 Pearl Breezy Blue (PB-341P))

・backrest pad featuring Honda 3D logo
・colour panel set
・for MY5 top box only

Top box pad (MY5)(08P60 MY5 801)

・backrest for pillion
・features 3D Honda logo
・please note: for 45L MY5 Top box only

Top box cover (45L)(08P34 MCW 800B)

・45L top box indoor cover
・classy design
・protects the top box unattached from the unit
・featuring the Honda logo

Lower top box pad (MCW & MY5)(08P60 KRJ 800A)

・additional pillion backrest pad on top box
・superior comfort
・for both MY5 and MCW top box

Pannier set(08L55 MCB 800)

・38L of carrying capacity in left pannier; can contain one full-face helmet
・30L of carrying capacity in right pannier
・must be combined with Pannier stay set (black)(08L51 MCB 800)

Pannier colour panel set (08F84 MBT 810C Black (NH-1)、08F84 MCB 810 Spangle Silver Metallic (NH-A49M)、08F84 MCB 820 Carnelian Red Metallic (R-296M)、08F84 MCB 8P0 Pearl Breezy Blue (PB-341P))

Pannier inner bag set(08L56 MCB 800)

・black Nylon
・21L of carrying capacity
・comes with carrying handle and straps
・designed to fit the shape of the pannier
・decorated with silver Honda Wing logo

Steering handle pocket(08L56 KW3 800)

・dimensions: 230x50x100 mm
・includes transparent map holder and handle bar bridge pad
・can be used as waist bag
・must be combined with Handlebar bridge 08F71 MCB 801

Handlebar bridge(08F71 MCB 801)

・aluminium bolt-on bridge
・steering handle pocket 08L56 KW3 800 can be installed

Mainstand(08M50 MCB 800Z)

・centre stand for more secure parking on variable ground surfaces
・facilitates cleaning and rear wheel maintenance

Top box mat set (MY5)(08P11 MCW 800)

・black polyurethane
・surfaces the bottom of the box
・standard in MCW box

Tank pad (Honda logo)(08P61 MCS 800)

・black polyurethane
・helps to protect tank from scratches
・features 3D Honda logo

Tank pad 2(08P61 KAZ 800F)

・helps protects tank from scratches

Grip heater kit(08T50 MCB 800A)

・patented heat-adjustable grip heater
・integrated circuit to protect the battery from draining

Low seat(08F82 MCB 800A)

・30mm lower than factory standard

U-lock 120/340(08M53 KAZ 800)

・tamper-resistant barrel key U-lock
・can easily be carried in the receptacle under the seat

12V DC socket kit(08V70 MCB 801)

・mounts inconspicuously under the seat
・powers additional electrical equipment



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